In Spanish garlic fields

So, continuing my little hop back in time to the massive fields outside of Granada and one of my favourite people, Adrian. I took more than 400 pictures in 4 days and I've been waiting to edit them. The nature was so amazingly breathtaking! It still doesn't do it justice but at least they are here now for me to look back at and for you to look at. Weather you like it or not. Also there are 3 more days to show so they will pop up here every now and then. I will also try and post a bit more regularly since I found my old blog today and realised that it is a lot of fun having old blog posts to look back at.
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A tiny Spanish village

I am going through old pictures from Spain last year. I visited one of my closest friends Adrian and saw tiny Spanish villages with beautiful houses and amazing nature. I also drank loads of sangria, walked through garlic fields and danced all night long. I will share those pictures in another post. 
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On a rug made out of grass

So spending my day off doing absolutely nothing productive whatsoever. Reading news, editing pictures, checking gigs coming up, saving new albums on spotify and googeling cameras. Guess it all depends on what you justify as being productive. The pictures come from an evening after work that we spent in a park. As one should on a beautiful summers evening when the sun doesn't decide to go down until 10pm. 
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