So who am I

I have had many blogs during the last 10 years. The one I had for longest was during my time in London, to keep family and friends updated with my every day adventures and life. This time I want to use my blog for something different. Although, I am struggeling with what and how and for who. So for the moment it will just be me, my everyday life and my LONG WAIT for university applications to arrive. I feel a bit aimless at the moment not knowing where the future is taking me makes me a bit unproductive. So we will see. And then this blog will be used for not only everyday nonsens but also be a place where I express my thoughts. 
But, anyway, who am I. My name is Julia I am 24 years old and originally from Malmö. Since I was 19 I have lived in London ---> Barcelona ---> Malmö ---> London ---> and now, Copenhagen. I moved away from the city that has been my home for 4.5 years and left my best friend Isabell that has been my forever companion and all of my other lovely people that has been surrounding me. I did get to take one with me though. My boyfriend Henry. Without him this whole thing would be horrible. Instead it's exciting and we are slowly shaping our life in this beutiful city. It is really growing on me. And I always thought London was my one and only crush.
Here in Copenhagen I am working with speciality coffee and he with craft beer. Two of my favourite things by the way. Apart from that I like photography and painting, even if it is all on a very amateuristic scale. 
But I guess that is it for now. The rest I will show along the way. Probably using pictures more than words. 
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Vad fint du skriver syster. Helt perfekt engelska dessutom <3